Special Request



From: James Torline, Asst. Principal





One of the vocational (now known as CATE) teachers, Eloy Reyna, has one of his students in DECA involved in a worthy undertaking.  She wants to put up a plaque at PSJA HS, honoring all former students of PSJA who served our nation in the military during World War II.  All going well, this project will be expanded in the future to include Korean War veterans as well.

I am asking that all veterans of WWII, or surviving family members or friends of those deceased, please contact me.  I need information such as:



Branch of Service,


Places (theaters) served,

and, if living, addresses and phone numbers. 


Mr. Reyna and his student, Cassandra DeLeon, hope to have a ceremony honoring all who served sometime next school year.  If possible, they would like to have the living vets present at the ceremony.

Send information to me at:



Thanks for your assistance with this memorial project.

James Torline

(Class of 1966)