Special Memory - Martin Gil


Cheyanne just received this message and we thought it would be good to share with other ‘Bears’.  04-19-2003



Den Master


    As a Bear serving in the Army now for 15 years your web page is a way of keeping in touch with Bear happenings.  I learned a year ago from a classmate that a fellow Bear and soldier died. His name was Martin Gil; we both graduated in ‘87 and entered the Army. He served during Operation Desert Storm and received the Purple Heart for wounds received during the war.  The wounds were serious enough that he left the Army.  The last time we sat and talked was in ‘92.  We talked about the high school days and our time in the Army.  Once in awhile we dropped a line to each other.  But the last five years had been a blur so I guess we lost touch.  I found out he died a day after a car accident he was involved in.  He was a Husband, a Father, a Brother, a Son and a Friend to the people who loved him.  To me he was a Friend and a fellow Soldier...knowing Martin, I know he is now Standing Watch over his family and friends.  So until the day my turn comes to Stand Watch...stand straight… be vigil...you are missed old friend!!  So with a heavy heart I request that Martin Gil be added to the roll of “Sorry That You Are Gone” in the "Class of 1987."  Thank you.


                                                          Juan A. Gordiano

                                                          SSG, USA



P.S. To all the Bears who have supported the soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines.....Thank You!!!!!  Go Bears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!