Ann Hilton Chaney

“Mama Bear”

This website, the PSJA Bears Den, was the idea and creation of David Lowell Archibald and Ann Hilton Chaney, known as “Cheyanne” by her many internet friends.  Ann truly loved PSJA High School and invested innumerable hours helping other “Bears” locate each other to renew acquaintances.  I was told recently that “Cheyanne must have a big heart to have done so much work which helped so many people.”  That is so true!  Ann has been fighting a battle with cancer for some time.  That struggle has ended now.  This message from Ann’s  son, Steve, says it best:


“Mom passed this morning.  I got the call a while back, and have been processing the information.  I believe her suffering is finally over, but that makes it only slightly easier on those she leaves behind.  I want to thank you all more than words can express for your kind words, wishes, and prayers in these last few months.  It has been a great comfort to me, and I know it was a tremendous comfort to Mom and Dad to know your petitions were reaching Our Father incessantly.  Mom believed that if it wasn't your time, nothing in this world could take you, and if it was, nothing in this world could keep you.  I guess that means it was her time.  I just give thanks to have been blessed with knowing such a remarkable woman, and knowing she had friends like you.  Please pass the news on to those I have missed, and once again, THANK ALL OF YOU!!!!






For those who wish to send an expression of love to Ann’s family, the mailing address is listed below.  It has been suggested that ‘freewill offerings’ in the form of cashiers checks or money orders be sent in lieu of flowers.  With the high cost of health care and the amount of time Ann spent in hospitals this year, that could be helpful to Ann’s family. 

 The mailing address is:

Bob Chaney

P. O. Box 33477

Las Vegas, NV 89133





PS: The flags on the header of this page may seem ‘out of place’ on a memorial page.  However they are included here for a reason.  Last year I was experimenting with different header designs for the Bears Den.  Ann sent me a quick message that she loved those flags and wished that I would put them back soon.  As you see, the flags returned.                       – DLS    [12/30/2003]