Goldie Locks
4 Bears

Ol' Goldie was getting on in years and spent some time remising about her school years at PSJA ISD. She happened to run into the Den where lots of fellow Bears were passing thru from time to time, "Oh wonderful, I'll be able to find Sweetie Bear, Bubba Bear, Sporty Bear & First Love Bear". All had been a wonderful part of her life during her time at PSJA. But alas, using the on site search proved fruitless. None of her friends were found. So Goldie left the Den saying, " I'll come back another day, maybe I'll find them then." And she left without a trace of her being there. "Maybe I'll see one of them at the Reunion"

Bubba Bear

Bubba had been to 'the Bears Den' several time before. Each time looking for Goldie Locks Bear. He & Goldie grew up together, lived across the street from one another. Bubba was her "big brother" always looked out for her right up thru graduation. They never had a romantic moment. Just good friends whose life's path took different directions after leaving PSJA. Once again, Bubba's search turned up empty. So Bubba leaves the Den thinking " I'll find her next time." He didn't let anyone know he'd been there.

Sweetie Bear

Sweetie had been a Bearette with Goldie. She had been told about the Den by Nosy Bear. Sweetie was looking for several friend bears and found a couple but they didn't know or heard from Goldie or Bubba in years.

Sporty Bear

Sporty was always leader of the pack, excelled in sports, went on to make his mark in the world and did so quite successfully. Retired now, he was cleaning out his garage one day and ran across one of his PSJA Annuals. He found a picture of Goldie. Recently widowed, he wondered how she had been. They were high school sweethearts but that ended when he left for that university on the east coast. Searching the internet, he found 'the Bears Den' but further looking didn't find Goldie. Sporty found a few ol' friends and enjoyed visiting with them. But none knew the where-abouts of Goldie.

First Love Bear
1st Love was trying to find Goldie. Practically moved into the Den hoping she'd sign in on the Guest Book. Always the shy one, he didn't leave a message for her or anyone himself. Wait and watch, & maybe!! Just as he'd done waiting for Goldie & Sporty to break up back at PSJA.

Will Goldie find her friends?

Will Bubba find Goldie and maybe realize he should have been more than a Big Brother?

Will Sweetie not go to the up-coming Reunion because she thinks she won't know anyone?

Does Sporty want to find Goldie in hopes that she's widowed or un-atttached so he can re-kindle the old flame.

Can 1st Love make a move to quit being shy and
Sign the Guest Book?

Is someone looking for YOU?


Create a scenario for one of the characters above or a character of your own.
Submit your short story and lets have some fun watching the turns in the story line as it grows.

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